Stop Making Fun of Jason Alexander’s Hair Plugs.

Here’s the latest case of many in the last few weeks (even though I love that writer.)

If all y’all would just take the time to Google (or maybe remember things), Jason Alexander was refreshingly forthcoming about his hair plugs when he got them. He wrote a thoughtful explanation of why he got them on a Twitlonger blog A YEAR AGO:

"So yes, I’m still bald and yes, just like others in my profession who have to either wear make-up or dye their hair or undergo surgery, I now do a little something. It’s honestly no big deal for me and hope it’s not for you either."

So everyone please stop writing about his hair plugs/piece as if you’re the first person to notice them and it’s some kind of scandal.

(This post was brought to you by You Really Never Know What’s Going to Annoy Me.)

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