2012: The Year It Became Okay To Like Los Angeles

"The reputation of Los Angeles as whipping boy for New York and San Francisco, America’s more European cities, is branded as a blood feud in which the sides are equal in antipathy. It’s really more one-sided than that. New Yorkers and San Franciscans hurl insults drafted in sub-committee and ratified by full houses. Los Angeles signs them into law without so much as reading a line, and then heads back to the beach or golf course or whatever."

I’ll never live anywhere where you have to have a car, but this is definitely my favorite LA apologist essay in this year of LA apologist essays.

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    "The nearest Barnes & Noble to me is in Pasadena, which is twenty minutes on the 110. I had never been to Pasadena...
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    I am sure there is a made up word for it, but that whole “one of my favorite-but-not-part-of-the-circle-jerk tumblr is...
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    The oppressive years it was not okay are finally over. phew.
  4. spiegelman said: "apologists" — some of us are trying to be a little more militant than that
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    "LA doesn’t want to fight or have its mellow harshed and, honestly, it doesn’t care whether you like it or not. It’s...
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