Things Co-Workers Have Shown Me That Are Worse Than A Sports-Bra

Conde Nast fired a chick for showing her new breast implants in a closed private office to close co-worker friends? That is NOTHING. Here are some things co-workers have shown me over the years:

* Crotch area to demonstrate the effectiveness of recent laser hair removal.

* Crotch area, in order to focus-group a suspicious bump. (The consensus: ingrown hair.)

* Cybersex IMs

* Cybersex emails

* Email love letters

* bites on chest sustained during sex with bitey new guy.

* various and sundry rashes

* impressive bruises all over butt from being (consensually) spanked

* the place on the floor of an office where sex was had the night before, including the wet spot.

I don’t know if this is unusual or related to having temped for four years (almost all of these were at long-term temp gigs — people just trust the temp, I guess), but people have shown me a lot of stuff in many different offices. And I’ve never told anyone (this doesn’t count because it’s untraceable and the worst one was at a company that no longer exists.) Anyway, poor sports bra chick: first body dysmorphic disorder, now this!

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