On Behalf of Female Comedians…

…Which I am not, but who I wish to speak for because they cannot speak out without risking their livelihoods (see also: That Whole Daily Show thing):

What the fuck is up with the fact that SXSW comedy has booked TONS of male comedians and only ONE female, YET AT THE VERY SAME TIME and same part of the festival they have a panel about the tired old “Are women funny?” question, which involves exactly zero female comedians (update: apparently there is one)? (Note: this should be clear but I’m not criticizing the panel’s existence, it’s pretty clear this stuff still needs to be talked about.)

It’s not like female comics aren’t the funniest ones working right now or that there aren’t more good ones than at any other point in history or anything. Could they not get any? Are they all too busy? I’m going to have to go with that answer, because this makes no sense.

(This was pointed out to me by a comedian who can’t say a word about it without risking her livelihood, sadly.)

UPDATE: Looks like Splitsider noticed the first half of this bit of ridiculousness earlier, too.

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    On behalf of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jane Lynch, Mindy Kaling, Rashida Jones, Ellen Degeneres, Lizzy Caplan (just to name...
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    “Are women funny?” is a sexist question. That paradigm needs to be challenged.
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