Adorkability’s Expiration Date*

I’ve been watching a lot of Homeland and Scandal lately, and the other night I thought it would be funny to print out a bunch of photos in different sizes of the absolute most random (but carefully curated for their randomness) celebrities and animals and famous places, movie screenshots, etc, even some of my friends, and link them together with string or arrows and question marks and x’s over some of their faces and put them on a big bulletin board and hang that bulletin board above my sofa in my apartment, and maybe add to it over the years when something came to me.

But I can’t, because I’m a grown up!!

Related: Does anyone want my bad found art and framed photographs of funny-looking families from the ’70s? They should have a place where you can donate everything you ever collected ironically, for the next generation, because I don’t even know what to do with all this stuff anymore. It’s still funny to me, but, like, you know, adulthood. Damn it!

Wait though, do dudes even have to think of this stuff? Maybe I’ll hang on to my Sound of Music commemorative plates for a few more years after all, just in case Lena Dunham wins us some home decor aesthetic equality or something.

* Creatively-blocked trend story writers: you know what to do now.

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