Just found this on an old, now-defunct About page on Lindsayism.com from nearly 7 years ago, and it made me laugh at myself. Some of these things are no longer true, but most of them are still true, though I wouldn’t feel the need to spell them out now.

  • I don’t like: fashion, shoes, ‘the finer things in life,’ exotic food, chick lit, jewelry, Donald Trump, snobs, elitists, exclusivity, the illusion of exclusivity, status-anything, clubs, VIP sections, or Sex and the City.
  • I do like: Comedy and pretty much anything funny, making bad art, finding bad art, nature, talking, red wine, music, charades, meeting nice/funny/talented people, and, most especially, my friends. Awww!
  • I have three mottoes in life: “Music will make everything okay," "What would Amy Sedaris do?,” and “That’s what he said.”

The illusion of exclusivity is still my second least favorite illusion, after David Copperfield and the Statue of Liberty.

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