(Even though it’s finally happening with Arrested D)

This is not actually the lowest form of entertainment journalism, but it’s the most pervasively irritating: when a journalist asks an actor or director, usually on a red carpet/at a party/at a junket, if they would do a sequel to a movie they did, or a movie of the TV show they did, or work with someone they once worked with, or work with another person they haven’t yet worked with, and, of course, the answer is always something positive along the lines of “I wouldn’t rule it out if the script was great and everyone had the time,” etc, and then the next day the headline is “Kirstie Alley Confirms ‘Cheers’ Movie,” or whatever, and then it ends up absolutely everywhere until someone denies it or the next one happens.

Please stop doing that in 2013.

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    Please do. I can’t take the heartbreak any longer.
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