Please Don’t Let There Be A Blackout On Mad Men.

From the Mad Men syco-fan site I love to love to hate to love:

"It is possible that season 4 will cover the northeast blackout, which occurred on November 9, 1965. Given that the blackout occurred a little after 5 PM, it is quite possible that some characters may be stuck in an elevator.

Who would like to see stuck in an elevator together? It could be characters with a past history, like Pete and Don, or characters that you don’t often see together, like Burt and Peggy. Personally, I’m hoping Don and Joan get stuck together. They are two highly secretive characters, who are both aware of the game and how to play it, but not entirely happy with their lives. What do you the rest of you think? What pairings/groupings are you hoping for?”

- Basket of Kisses

1. No. This is the kind of thing people make fun of MM for! Cramming history into the show in the most obvious and distracting ways possible.

2. Hey remember the NBC Must See TV “Blackout Thursday” sweeps stunt? It was in like 1995 and three of the four sitcoms, Friends, Mad About You, and the short-lived Madman of the People all had a blackout on the same night and people got stuck in tunnels and ATM lobbies with each other, just like this proposed MM storyline. Anyway, that’s how hack it is. (It’s so hack, in fact, that despite also being NYC-based, Seinfeld was the one show in the lineup that didn’t have a blackout story that night. Self-respect.)

3. Everyone would hope it would be Don and Joan. Like, DUH!

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